Ronen Zafrani

about-ronen1Artist at Work
From carefully selected timbers: mahogany, walnut, paulownia and more, chosen for their individual characteristics, tones, hues and grains, Ronen began hand-crafting wooden blocks and arranging them into compositions - creating three dimensional assemblages and scenes. These abstract works of art depicted the images his mind had created and his hands had planned and designed.
Ronen’s earlier works are heavily influenced by Judaism - its symbols, religion and culture.  His later works depict Jerusalem and its landmarks including: the Chords Bridge, the Wailing Wall, the Old City’s alleyways and its surrounding hills and valleys.

carpenter working with plane on wooden backgroundBackground
Childhood memories of times spent with his father and a love for nature inspired Israeli, Ronen Zafrani, a motorbike enthusiastic and mechanic, to begin exploring his creative abilities and designing and forming wall art projects out of specially chosen types of wood.
Ronen Zafrani’s father passed away when Ronen was just about to enter first grade.  Strong, fond images of father and son sitting together admiring the colours, designs and historical value of wooden artefacts remain clear in Ronen’s thoughts and sentiments.  These reoccurring, emotional images encouraged this unlikely artist to begin experimenting in creating and forming wall art from wooden blocks. Through his newly discovered artistry, Ronen began replicating the Judaic symbols his father loved and admired so dearly.


about-ronen3Expanding Range
Ronen continues to craft abstract wall art and recreate beautiful scenes but he hasn’t stopped there. Recently, this talented artist has added one-of-a-kind lamps and light features to his expanding repertoire. In keeping with the devotion and craftsmanship invested in his wall art, Ronen makes sure each light feature is planned, designed and created, piece by piece, block by block from wood he feels reflects the ideas behind his creations.
If you are interested in Ronen Zafrani’s artistry, contact him.   He will be happy to arrange a meeting to view his work and discuss if necessary creating custom-made items to fit your taste, home-furnishings and life-style.